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LiveEdit: edit your files with your browser
Introduction and Help

Welcome to the the next step in Web access!

LiveEdit is a unique way to edit your Web page(s) instantly, using only your browser. It gives you real access to your Web pages, in real time. You can update the info on your home page directly from your browser.

You're not limited to a 'menu' or to a specific format. You're not limited to a certain amount of information. You can edit content in any format. Simply type in your information, review and change it until you're satisfied, click the "Save" button... and it's on line immediately!

All you need is your browser, plus a login name & password... and, of course, a Web page (or a Web site) with HSH Associates. (If you don't yet have these, call or please e-mail us for more information.)

Additional help on LiveEdit is available after login.

For more information, contact:

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